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We offer delicious, authentic North Indian food exactly the way our mother and father made it in the homeland. 5 Tara translates to Five Stars in our native tongue (Punjabi), and that is exactly the level of experience we offer.

Each Indian spice provides a unique taste to the dishes it occupies. From the warm pleasantness of ginger to the slight anger of tamarind to the zingy originality of cilantro, every ingredient blends together to create the perfect flavors.

Indian food is commended for its curries, mouth-consuming spices, and complex flavor pairings. With its utilization of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind, and other ingredients, a unique taste is created.

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A special place to have dinner with special people.

5 Tara is an Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia. It is popular for its delightful Indian cuisine, particularly for its tandoori dishes. Each dish at 5 Tara has its own story from the conventional recipes direct from India. The guests of 5 Tara consistently wonder about the extraordinary and interesting tastes they offer. Visit 5 Tara and add madly astounding flavors to your life.

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